Product License


By purchasing a product from, you adhere to the Product License as stated below.

License terms updated August 10, 2020

All products and design assets sold at are Copyright © 2020 Christine Hattingh t/a Christine Fleury


This our standard license. Use this license for Desktop, Print, and Flattened static images on websites.

The standard EULA included with Font Software purchased from Christine Fleury or via Official Retailers, grants you, the Purchaser:

A single (one), ongoing, non-exclusive, non-transferable, terminable, worldwide license for Print and Web-only and a limited license for broadcasting.


Use of the Font Software is granted in such a way that it conforms to the terms and conditions as set forth in this agreement.

By purchasing, downloading, accessing, installing, and or using the Font Software you agree to be legally bound by this agreement with Christine Fleury. Any rights not expressly granted to you in this agreement remain strictly reserved.

Should you breach any of the terms and conditions as set forth in this agreement, the agreement and license to the Font Software will be automatically terminated until such time as the breach is remedied.

Upon Christine Fleury receiving your payment in full for the Font Software:


  • Install the Font Software on up to two (2) computers or work stations only, provided that both computers or devices are owned by you.
  • Install the Font Sofware on a networked server in an office, provided that each client accessing the Font Software has purchased a license.
  • Use the Font Software in personal or commercial projects.
  • Use the Font Software for designing and creating (un-editable) invitations, business cards, logos, branding, greeting cards, marketing materials, packaging designs, static (flattened) images on web sites, apparel, books, stationary.
  • Make a single (one) backup copy of the Font Software for archival purposes and you agree to retain exclusive custody and control over the copy.
  • Enjoy unlimited prints, media copies, duplicates, and item sales of your product, subject to the product not being offered as a Freebie. Freebies are regulated by our Terms.
  • Enjoy unlimited web page impressions using flattened images. If you would like to use the Font Software as a live web font you will require a web font license. Please contact us for more information.
  • Broadcast the Font Software on TV, Video, Motion picture, Digital Advertising to a maximum of 60 viewing minutes per year. (Send us an email to [email protected] if you need to extend this or have any questions).



  • Resell the Font Software as is, or any derivative of the Font Software.
  • Intermediate a license purchase on behalf of another party and then markup the cost of the Font Software.
  • Distribute the Font Software with client proofs, templates, or in un-flattened files.
  • Share, lend, rent, or distribute the Font Software with clients, designers, colleagues, or any other third parties except a Print Service Provider, where the Print Service Provider agrees to be bound by this EULA and purge the Font Software upon completion of the print run. Alternatively, the Print Service Provider could purchase a license to the Font Software.
  • Offer the Font Software in a giveaway or promotion.
  • Claim the Font Software, as is or any derivative thereof, as your own work.
  • Make any derivative works from the original Font Software and claim it as your own.
    • You will require express written consent to create derivative works.
    • Any derivative works remain the property of Christine Fleury.
    • This EULA does not cover derivative works.
    • Send an email to [email protected] to request permission to create a derivative work or enquire about how to license derivative works.
  • Use the Font Software on a Server (local or web) or in a mobile App where a third party is allowed to create derivative products that may be used commercially. An APP License is required for this. (Send us an email to [email protected] with any questions you may have)
  • Embed the Font Software in any of the following (An APP or Custom Creation license is required for these):
    • Electronic devices
    • Computer software
    • Mobile Application Software
  • Use Font Software bought or downloaded on offer as a Freebie for Broadcasting or in motion graphics. For more information please contact us
  • Transfer your rights to the Font Software to another party without express written consent. Send an email to [email protected] for more information.



Should you have obtained the Font Software illegally, i.e. peer sharing, renting, downloaded or accessed it via a link or website not affiliated to Christine Fleury (See definitions for Official Retailers); and or not paid for the EULA you are in breach of this agreement and have no rights to the Font Software. See contact details below to enquire on how to purchase a license to the Font Software.



You, the purchaser, agree and understand that:

  • This agreement is governed by the laws of South Africa. Any dispute arising from or in connection with this agreement shall be resolved by an independent appointed arbitrator.
  • The Font Software is the property of Christine Fleury. Christine Fleury, her successors, and her assigns retain all right, title, and interest in and to the Font Software.
  • The Font Software is protected by local and international CopyRight, Intellectual Property, and Design laws.


Christine Fleury reserves the right to make amendments to this agreement at any time and without notice. It is the Purchasers responsibility to ensure that they check the EULA periodically to ensure that their usage of the Font Software is still compliant with this EULA. This agreement may only be modified by an authorized appointee on behalf of Christine Fleury.



End-User License Agreement (EULA). This is the standard or base license agreement and grants a single (one), ongoing, non-exclusive, terminable, worldwide license for Print and Web-only, subject to the terms and conditions herein.
Font Software The unique, original design of the font, which once compiled generates a typeface(s) and or typographic design(s) and packaged as either a Truetype format (TTF) or Opentype format (OTF). The Font Software includes, but is not limited to: Any media, printed materials, electronic documentation, updates, add-ons, artwork, web services, and any other material that may be associated or distributed with the product now or in the future. The font software shall be extended to comprise of all bitmap and or outline representations of the typeface and or typographic designs.
Christine Fleury Official Retailers




You, the purchaser, acknowledge that you have read this agreement and understand it and that by using the Font Software you will be bound by its terms and conditions. You further agree that it is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between Christine Fleury and you, the Purchaser, which supersedes any proposal or prior agreement, oral or written as well as any other communications relating to the subject matter of this Agreement. No variation of the terms of this Agreement or any different terms will be enforceable against Christine Fleury in the absence of her express written amendment or consent thereto.



With your single purchase of a Graphic product from Christine Fleury, you hold the license to use the items in that purchase for:

  • Personal work
  • Commercial work (on your blog, social media channels or that of a client)
  • For up to 500 end products/end sales (see below for details)


An End Product is a digital design or a physical item that you plan to sell to more than one person. The design must be significantly different than, and not sold in direct competition with, the product purchased from Christine Fleury.

An End Product design requires time, effort, and skill to produce. You cannot slightly change the items purchased from Christine Fleury to re-sell – you must be able to create a new design, incorporating a variety of design elements.

You must not re-sell, share (eg. as opt-ins or freebies) or re-distribute any of the items purchased. When using items you’ve purchased from Christine Fleury in your design, your customers must not be able to extract those items for further use (eg. in templates).


A license from Christine Fleury covers you for up to 500 sales of an end product/s.

For example, you could create one product and sell it up to 500 times, or you could create 2 products and sell them 250 times each.

If you wish to sell more than 500 total units of your end product/s, you will need to purchase an additional license.

Please contact us if you require any larger license options.


WordPress Themes + Layout Packs

You can use a Christine Fleury theme/layout pack on a single site and make changes to personalize it to match your style.

You may not re-sell, re-distribute, or share a theme/layout pack and you must not remove the credit to Christine Fleury.

For multi-site use, you will need an additional site license, please contact us for additional site use licenses.


Social Media Kits + Templates

The Social Media bundles/kits/graphics and template products sold on Christine Fleury are to be used on your personal/blog/business Social Media Pages only.

You must not sell, share, or give away any of the files you receive in the products and you must add your own text/photos to the Instagram Story Template images before posting on Instagram.

All Instagram Highlight Icons include a Christine Fleury credit watermark at the bottom of the image which must not be removed or hidden when uploading to your Instagram.



Once work has begun on a service package, you are not able to change to a different design.

You, the purchaser of the designs, have the full right to print and use the designs you have purchased for your brand and branding materials, including stationery, brochures, flyers, website, blog, social media, and any other branding collateral. You must not re-sell or re-distribute any of the branding elements.

Christine Fleury provides both high resolution and pre-sized digital files. These files will not be sent until approved by the purchaser. Christine Fleury holds no responsibility for any future use of the files and issues that may arise, such as printing results, uploading to website, sizing, future brand changes. An additional purchase may be required for alterations to the digital files after they have been approved and delivered.

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to save the files once delivered and to keep them in a safe place. Christine Fleury will keep a copy of all files for 30 days after confirmation of delivery, thereafter the files will be deleted from our systems.

If you have any other product questions, please contact Christine