Welcome to Christine Fleury!

This is your must be place for Design, blogging and business content for creatives, with everything you will need to create your own perfect space online and in person. I’ve got the best “must-have” content of design tips, tutorials, website templates, graphic elements, templates for Social Media and so much more! I started Christine Fleury for creatives, small business owners and anyone else who is dreaming of a bigger and better future!

I want to work with you and help you create killer graphics to get the attention you deserve. It’s your turn to have a cohesive brand that gets people talking about you and leaves them wanting more.

  • Need a cohesive look?

  • Would you love to have an easy way of making Social Media graphics?

  • Do you want to give your audience more ways of finding out who you are?

  • Need some help with branding online and offline?

  • Are you ready to invest in your dreams to make them a reality?

Your online presence is more important now than ever before. Whether you need a website to increase your visibility, business branding or design elements to easily keep your A-game with your online image, I’m here to help!

I’m Christine, creator, and graphic designer of Christine Fleury. I’m a mama to 3 little humans, coffee addict, and cat lover. I started my graphic design business in South Africa back in 2016 and opened an Etsy Shop in 2018. Over the last few years, my love and passion for graphic design grew.

I decided to make a huge leap in my business, I wanted to start a blog!

Not just any blog, but THE  blog for creatives just like me. I wanted to share my experience and post tutorials on design and the must-know stuff when designing graphics, websites, and templates.

AND NOW, here we are today! I’ve designed and coded my website, scheduled posts and setup freebies. FOR YOU, and other creatives just like you!

So WELCOME, I’m so happy you are here to START your creative journey!

You’re probably wondering what you can find on Christine Fleury, well let me tell you;

  • Tips on starting and running your own blog/website.
  • Design tutorials using premium and free software to bring your A-GAME when it comes to branding.
  • How to drive traffic to your brand using Social Media.
  • Freebies to help give you a jump-start on creating a cohesive brand.
  • Premium products ranging from clip art to website themes and Social Media Templates.

and so much more!